It is a Unique concept of making Precast Drain Section with Reinforcement   by Hydraulic Vibro Pressed making machine as per IS 2185 part I of Grade D . Precast drain section are accurately designed and machined moulded with uniform shape & size & clean Finish They have extra strength as they are manufactured under stringent quality control measures by using concrete of high grade M-150 to 300 .They are made upto 150 mm thick and 1500 mm in depth .Due to longer life span & maintenance free they have far less replacement / maintenance cost as compared to conventional drain section.

Curing Technique

The fresh blocks after initial setting are covered by jute rolls /and are continuously moist by sprinkling water in order to retain the initial moisture and to reduce the heat of hydration for a period of minimum 10days from the casting.


Blocks after they are fully cured are tested in our site laboratory for the crushing strength of the core of blocks as per the IS 2185 Part I grade "D" by the help of a compression testing machine  . Once they are tested and passed as required are ready for dispatch to the concerned for laying at sites .


Measurement of  drain section is taken as under

Centre line of thickness of block in Mt. x length of section =Sqm. Area.
Nominal Length of one block without reinforcement
  shall be 400mm 5mm .Nominal length of one block with reinforcement shall be 500mm  10mm .

Where to Use

These sections can be used as City Drains , Strom Water Drain, Cunnet, Water Courses ,Minors.

How To Use

Precast drain can be installed with simple laying techniques .The Blocks are laid on directly compacted earth or on the base of 150mm quarry rubbish ,if needed.

Types and Sizes

Precast Drain Sections are available in fifteen different shapes and  sizes (with and without reinforcement) and can also be made as per your size and specification .



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